Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo Switch

Ask any parent, 20-somthing or a long time video game fan what the most coveted gadget of the holiday season is and the Nintendo Switch will be high on that list probably on the top

One year ago, Nintendo unveiled its riskiest gamble yet to revitalize its console business. The Switch, a handheld tablet-console hybrid, could have been another gimmicky device, at a time when a big hardware flop would have translated to a unmitigated disaster. Instead, after nine months on the market, the Switch has been a huge success story, and Nintendo is once again at the forefront of the gaming conversation.

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Nintendo Switch - Gray Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch – Gray Joy-Con

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So, despite my complaints I bit the bullet and got the Nintendo Switch, which I’ll likely be selling my WiiU to make up the difference for that mess. ANYWAY I wanted to get my thoughts out after actually getting my hands on the device.

It’s a surprisingly well built machine, it’s the first tablet I’ve seen with screws that would allow you to open it up to change the battery if it were to fail. The joycons feel really well built, and it’s nice that you can sit back with your hands not together with normal controllers, especially if you’re like me and have wide shoulders and a barreled chest. My hands are medium sized with sausages for fingers and over all I have little issue with the joycons. The biggest issue I have is the minus button on the left joycon, I cannot for the life of me reach to hit it with my thumb, I gotta use my other hand. The “dpad”, is as a I thought not great. For all the Nintendo fanatics insisting “you need to try it to know” no, I didn’t, it’s 4 face buttons and not a pivoting dpad. It works fine for menus but it’s functionality is minimal at best for platformers…..Read More

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The Fun can never stop: a truly wonderful sickness

Bought it for Zelda:Breath of the Wild. thought the switch-able aspect was a novelty that I would not fully appreciate, but I am very much enjoying the sickness of taking the game everywhere with me… including to bed(I was sick)

Note:not recommended for all. I suggest taking breaks…Read More

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